If you live in Canada you may be wondering if you can play Mega Millions. Maybe you dream of exotic holidays abroad, or retiring early and never having to work again. Well, you’ll bedelighted to hear that yes, you can play Mega Millions!

Draws take place once a week on Friday with some massive prizes being won. You’ll also be pleased to learn that Canadians don’t pay any tax on lottery winnings. In contrast, Americans are required to pay 30% tax on winnings.

Government Warnings About Third-Party Sites

The government of Ontario warns against buying lottery tickets from such places. There’s no way of knowing if a third party site is genuine or not until you get caught.

There are third-party sites that are not legally licensed to sell Mega Millions tickets and many are unregulated. They work as brokers by buying tickets on your behalf. As they’re not strictly allowed to do this, you’ve got no comeback if they don’t payout.

There’s no guarantee a third party site will fulfill their promise and pay out any winnings. You could end up with a winning ticket and no money!

Returning to Canada With a Winning Ticket

If you travel to America and buy a winning Mega Millions lottery ticket you may have problems returning to claim your prize. An immoral law forbids importing various items including obscene materials and lottery tickets. The state from which you bought your mega millions ticket determines where you’d collect your winnings

You can only imagine the devastation you’d feel if you won a large jackpot prize and you were unable to claim it! You’d feel heartbroken. However, though US citizens

Collecting Your Winnings

Just the same as in America you have two options for taking your prize. You can either take the money in one lump sum or as an annuity spread over 29 years.